Beyond the Milk

Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding is not always about hunger. For babies, breastfeeding is more than just being fed. Just put yourself in the (tiny) shoes of a baby. After being inside his/her mom’s safe womb for nine months, suddenly you are in an unfamiliar world. Won’t you be rattled and scared as well?

Skin-to-skin contact, warmth, closeness, and the familiar sounds like mom’s heartbeat and voice – these are the things that make baby want to nurse all the time. Baby seeks these whenever they feel stressed and in need of a little reassurance. The sweet warm milk is just a bonus. Thus, they want to be cuddled and held all the time.

Frequent nursing, or comfort nursing, also means that your baby is healthy as he/she is doing what he/she needs to do by making sure that your body continues to produce enough milk.

If you feel tired all the time because your baby only wants to be held and to nurse, these days will soon be over. And for sure, you will miss it! Just keep on going mom! Feed love!