Popular Breastfeeding Positions

One of the keys towards a successful breastfeeding journey is finding the ideal position that works for both mom and baby. The right breastfeeding position prevents problems such as sore and wounded nipples, and at the same time allows baby to latch properly to the get much needed nutrition.

Listed below are some of the popular breastfeeding positions to try, and tips on how to make nursing go smoothly.

The Cradle Hold

The cradle hold is a classic breastfeeding position that moms can easily master. Sit in a comfortable chair, preferably one with armrests.

If you opt to breastfeed on your bed, make sure to have lots of pillows that you can use to support your back and body. Hold your baby in your lap (or on a pillow on your lap) so that your baby is lying on his/her side. His/Her face and body should be facing you.

If nursing on the right breast, rest the head on the crook of your right arm. If nursing on the left, then use your left arm to support the head.

The Cross-Cradle Hold

This is similar to the cradle hold, but instead of holding your baby using the arm for nursing, you use the other side to support the head and body.

This position is recommended for small babies and babies who need additional support while nursing.

The Football Hold

As the name implies, in this breastfeeding position, you need to tuck your baby under your arm (the side where you’re nursing from) like a football or a bag. This position is recommended for women who had a C-section.

Begin by positioning your baby at your side, under your arms. Make sure that the nose is on the same level as your nipple and the feet should be pointing towards your back. Rest your arm on a pillow and support your baby’s shoulders and neck. Using your other hand, gently guide him/her to your nipple. Remember to let your baby sniff your breast. Do not simply shove the breast to the mouth.

Side-lying Position

Too tired and sleepy to get up and nurse your baby? Then this position is something you need to master.

If you are going to feed on your right breast, lie on your right side. Make sure that your back is fully supported, and your body is aligned. Lay your baby on his/her side, facing you, and chest against yours. Use your right arm to support the head, bringing it closer to your breast. If you will change sides, follow the same guidelines.