I’m a Dad – How Can I Help with Breastfeeding?

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Being a dad may be a big job, but it comes with lots of rewards. Your top priorities now include ensuring that both mom and baby stay healthy and happy. This is one of the greatest journeys you will take together with your partner.

Baby girl gets kisses from parents

Your role as a dad

Breastfeeding is teamwork. Yes, moms provide the nourishment. But dads, too, play an important role in supporting your partner. Studies show that moms who receive enough support in their breastfeeding efforts tend to breastfeed longer. This is beneficial to both mom and baby in so many ways, and here are some ways on how you can help:

During Pregnancy

  • Plan for the delivery together. Choose a hospital and doctor that are both breastfeeding advocates.
  • Read up. A little research about breastfeeding and its benefits will go a long way.

After Delivery

  • Be encouraging. Let your partner know how much you appreciate her efforts in breastfeeding your child. It’s not an easy feat!
  • Small acts such as changing the baby’s diaper, fetching some water for your partner or bringing her some snacks will make you a big hero.
  • Give your partner some time off to rest from time-to-time and bond with baby.

See dad? Mom needs you as much as your baby needs you! Go on and put on your superhero cape!