Relactation Tips and Tricks

Relactation is the process of going back to breastfeeding after a period of stopping. Sometimes, there are moms who had to discontinue their breastfeeding journey. It could be due to a sickness, surgery, baby weaned off the breast early, or simply a personal choice.

Smiling mother with happy baby

Can I still relactate?

If you changed your mind and wanted to breastfeed again, studies show that there’s a 75-98% chance that your milk will come back and you’ll be able to breastfeed again.

Here are some tips to stimulate milk production:

  • Let baby demand! Your body gets the cue to produce milk from your baby. The law of supply and demand is crucial here. The more that you let your baby suck milk, the higher the chance that your body will produce.
  • Hand express or pump your milk. The key here is to create the demand for breastmilk. Even if you don’t see milk when you pump or express, don’t lose hope!
  • Take medications or herbs or galactagogues as they help in increasing milk supply.