Building Your Milk Stash

In theory, you can start pumping and storing a few weeks after giving birth. But lactation experts recommend waiting at least six weeks. This is to prevent oversupply or engorgement. After six weeks, your milk supply is also more stable, enabling you to pump more.

But now, you’re on your last few weeks of your maternity leave, and you still don’t have a ready milk stash! Don’t fret, you still have time.

Breast pump and milk bottle


Below are some tips on how to start your own milk stash:

  • Pump in between feedings. Once baby is sleeping, try to squeeze in a 10-15 minute pumping session in between. It doesn’t matter if you get an ounce or a bottle full of milk.
  • Pump on the other side, feed on the other. While baby is nursing on one side, get your pump and attach it to the other breast.
  • Use a milk collector or a clean empty bottle to catch the dripping milk on the other side.
  • Place your pumped milk in the refrigerator. At the end of the day, you can combine them and freeze them. Label it according to the time of the first milk bottle you have collected.
  • Save up on freezer space. Instead of using baby bottles, you may use milkbags that you can easily pile on top of another.
  • Label accordingly and arrange them by day & time. Oldest milk should be used first.

Mommas, let the milk stashing begin!