Breastfeeding On Schedule vs. On Demand

“How often should I feed my baby?”

This is one of the most common questions that many moms ask within the first few weeks of giving birth. Moms hear varying opinions on this. Some will say to nurse your baby every two hours, while some will tell you to watch your baby’s cues.

So which is which? Here are our thoughts:

Let your baby lead the way

Most experts will tell you to watch your baby’s cues. Yes, let your baby lead the way! On demand feeding is the best way to provide nourishment for your little one. There’s no overfeeding in breastfeeding. Why? Babies don’t just nurse because they are hungry. There are many reasons for it. Some just need to feel his/her mother’s warmth while others just like to nurse for comfort.

Trying to make your baby adapt to a “feeding schedule” might just stress your baby. So chill mom, your baby will slowly adapt to a schedule once he/she grows a little older.

Signs that baby needs to nurse

Watch your baby, not the clock. Some signs that baby is ready to nurse are the following:

  • Licking of lips
  • Sticking out of tongue
  • Rooting around
  • Sucking of hands

Once you see those signs, position yourself and enjoy the feeling of cuddling your little one. Aside from providing nutrition to your baby, on-demand feeding also helps improve your breastmilk supply. The more you nurse your baby, the more the body feels the demand, the more milk you will produce.